Sunday, 13 June 2010

HENRY DARGER'S 'the story of the Vivian girls in what is known as the realms of the unreal of the glandico-abbiennian war storm, caused by the child slave rebellion'
(one of several paintings i was lucky enough to be less than 1 inch away from at The Museum of Everything. happiest moment of my life

...and just to make it a million times better..David Bryne (Talking heads)had endorsed the 'ole lot.
heres what he said about Henry Darjjuuur (from Brazil, not Illinous of course not)...

'Henry Darger is legendary at this point. His work and its discovery form a perfect mythical narrative - mythical in the sense of touchng a deep reaction in us, not mythical in the sense of the work or his life being untrue. His work is almost Victorian in the sense of it being an epic illustrated heroic narrative about a group of lovely and brave young girls.

We recognise the 'borrwed' elements immediately - the vivian girls pinafore dressers, the perfect white billowing clouds and Darger's old fashioned convoluted language in the captions.

Then on 2nd glance, we see where he has added his own dark and imaginative twists- in some images the girls have penises and in some images they are being tortured or the soldiers are being disemboweled or buried in sand.

Weird psychedelic butterfly lizard creatures flutter about. He reveals that to him atleast the innocence of a young girls adventure sega and homespun images from American mail order catalogues have a truly sick underbelly..... another of Darger's works was a ten year record of the mistakes of weathermen's predictions, massively detailed and useless information, obsessively sorted and organized. A joke on science and its banal rigor. A BEAUTIFUL CATALOGUE OF ERRORS.


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